Helen Faith Drummond

How hard it is to write about one's self....

I am known for wisdom, calm, insight, love, skilled mentoring, years and years of meditation and mindfulness training and experience. I am a Master Level practitioner of Usui Reiki, and The Vibrational Upgrade energy medicine system. I am a certified integrative coach with a warm and empowering style. I am a community leader and cultural creative. And I am mostly happy for no reason and I laugh a LOT.

What this means for you is that I am able to quickly see and understand you, to connect with your key desires for your life, and I am able to support you in doing those things in your life that you may not have yet wanted to try. Or things you have always wanted to do yet have somehow not yet been able to accomplish. I help you gain fresh appreciation and insight into your own experience and how that fits into the overall picture of your life and even your soul's goals.

As a life design mentor, strategist and soul muse, delivering energy, guidance and inspiration to kind and awakening people who want more for themselves and more for our planet, I love working with good people. I love love love it. If that is you then let's connect!

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