The "Four Homes" Okay

April 22, 2019

Have you ever heard of the four homes we can see in our hands? This is a tool I use to remind myself that everything for me is usually basically okay.  What I mean by that is, if I were really being chased by a wild animal I wouldn't be having a thought about it. Right? I would be running. 


So life is also dangerous, with all kinds of stuff going haywire at the moment. I know though that I'm not very effective in dealing with it all when I am in an anxious state. Maybe it is just me, but when I used to be in the habit of being afraid I would sometimes almost seek out the familiarity of this fear in order to feel somehow more "in control." 


After awhile I even used to call it Recreational Fear. It became almost comical how some part of my mind would "go there" as soon as something new came up. Even a really good new thing.


Anyway, when this image was presented to me, I took it to heart and it has stood me in good stead. And so I am sharing it with you.  This is the image of the Four Homes and Okay.


So if we take our hand and make the "OK" sign, the little-finger is the physical home. the ring finger is the emotional home. the middle finger is the mental home. and the big circle opening made with the thumb and forefinger is the spiritual home. And it is only in the spiritual home that there is no pain. This is a way to identify what is a spiritual "truth" experience versus the other three. A bottom-line  real spiritual truth will cause no pain to anyone. The other three fingers are kind of exposed, singular and somehow incomplete; yet even if the homes they represent may cause us pain, all of them together make up our hand. And our lives, right?


So I try to visit each home every day in order to make my life functional and productive. I like it. It has helped me clarify many times over the years when I need to shift my attention. I know if I am in pain there is a physical, emotional or mental reason. The process for me often involves visiting one or more of the homes areas of experience, where I usually find a workable solution.


And if I don't find the solution right away? Well in my case, because I spend so much of my time and effort consciously challenging myself to growth, I know if it isn't one of these then it is something I need to learn about, or most probably I am experiencing some sort of fear. And in that case I have to face my fear, give myself the, "OK" sign, have a good laugh, and move along....

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